Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real ”

— 2pac

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ALLEX's Story

Growing up in Fresno there is not much to look forward to in day to day life. One thing that has always been a passion of mine since a early age has been Hip-Hop culture.

Growing up around my house music was always around. Usually what was being played was Hip-Hop. Everything from DMX and E-40 to 2pac and Tribe called quest. Hearing this really ignited passion inside me, and that passion was to do the exact same thing as what I was hearing. Music has always been there by myside in the good and especially the bad.

Through my music I hope to inspire, innovate, create, and give my story. I have played at many shows and events across the central valley growing a fan base along the way. The love from fans has been amazing and fuels my drive for success.